Before we discuss the prevention of stomach cancer, its expedient to give a highlight of what stomach cancer is all about.

According to healthline stomach cancer, also known as gastric cancer, is characterized by a growth of cancerous cells within the lining of the stomach. It is quite difficult to diagnose due to the fact that a lot of people do not naturally show symptoms at the earlier stages.

in the simplest of terms, the stomach is of huge importance as far as the gastro-intestinal tract is concerned. The stomach helps in not just storage of the food you eat but also the digestion of the food particles. Now there are healthy cells in the wall of the stomach which help in carrying out gastric functions. Gastric cancer is caused by abnormal growth of these healthy cells. They multiply in irrational orders and form tumors. This accumulate to form cancer of the stomach.


(cancerous gastric lining)

Common symptoms include;
Sudden fatigue,
Loss of appetite,
Blood stools,
Frequent stomach aches,
Feeling of satiety after eating little meal,

It seems like we’ve been able to partly establish what gastric cancer or stomach cancer is all about. However, the incident of the disease has grown as recent as 2015, where about 24,590 cases of stomach cancer were recorded  in the United states.
The emergence of this rare disease can actually be kept minimal by adhering to the precautionary  tips which will help in avoiding this deadly disease.


Quitting the habit of smoking: smoking is an all round lethargic habit capable of leading to stomach cancer and can go to the length of severing life span. 
Watch your weight: Obesity is a facilitator of gastric cancer, therefore keep a moderate weight which will help you to avoid been prone to gastric cancer.
-Avoid Eating lately after long while without meal: Eating late is never a good idea. Moreover, eating hot meal late in the night is even worse. It is capable of altering the balance of the GIT. If you must eat late, ensure the meal is light, and of lower temperature especially in a humid region.
Regularly Exercise: Part of the legion of benefits of exercise is that it aids blood flow to all parts of the body. Likewise, exercise increases the exchange of nutrients within the cells of the stomach. This helps to keep the gastric wall healthy without any tendencies to accumulate dead cells.
-Physical Examination :Nothing is absolutely wrong with having a physical examination on the stomach. Once you feel discomforted in the abdominal region, take good measures to undergo physical examination to detect exactly what has caused the discomfort. If need be, medications can be taken to mob off the onset of any symptom that is associated with stomach cancer.

Remember to stay Healthy. Health is wealth

Olayemi Olumurewa Dunmade


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