How Christians Should Respond To Sex Shown On Tv

Some have said that the times we are living in are the hardest for a Christian. This is true to some extent. Our wives, children, and husbands are all bombarded with sex. Sex nowadays is found literally everywhere.
Shows that would have been considered softcore pornography are being aired on public television.


Shows like The Bachelorette for example, where one
woman tries to decide which man to develop a romantic relationship with, is also given the
opportunity to test the waters and have sex with as many available men to check compatibility.

Pornography is in almost every R-rated movie. Indeed, the bar has been lowered. And that is clearly the agenda for evil. The sexual revolution’s 3-part strategy is this: Normalize certain sexual behavior through media, legalize that sexual behavior, continue to shame anyone who doesn’t endorse it.

As a culture, we’ve become so desensitized as to what is right and what is not. How many people do you know that are waiting to get married in order to have sex?
Here is a small historical breakdown of how sex was portrayed through television:

1950’s – Married couples portrayed in entertainment slept in 2 beds despite being married.
1960’s – Married couples shared beds but were never portrayed in a sexual manner.
1970’s – Sexual innuendo’s started appearing in public television. This is when minds started getting desensitized.
1980’s – Dramas, soap operas started showing more and more revealing content.
1990’s – Cable tv started showing pornography to those who paid and subscribed to it.
2000’s – Music videos, movies, TV shows all contain some sort of sexual joke/scene.
2010’s – There is not a movie out there without sexual references. Sex scenes are a must in anything viewed on TV



Pornography is more dominant than ever.

As a Christian, one must be determined to rid your household of any sexual misconduct.

Shield yourself using the help of God, pray to him to give you the strength you need to be able to say no in this world
that is soon to come to an end.

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