Manchester United Must Now Deliver

Probably this has got to be the most successful summer transfer window for Manchester United in about a decade. Let’s forgive the David Moyes’era when a Cesc Fabregas and Tiago Alcantara saga put the club’s transfer attempts in mediocre balcony. Then, it looked as though united had no idea how to put a major transfer through. But, this summer. Paul Pogba, Zlanta Ibrahimovich, Henrikh Mhkitaryan?  You’ve got the players any team would dream to have hanging around their dressing room! Manchester united fans can continue to dream now, but could these deals have come through so easily?


Manchester united does not have champions league football. As a result of a woeful campaign under Loius Van Gaal, a substitute in the Europa league awaits, – one quite bereaving the high pedigree of a club of United’s magnitude. The standard of the Europa league isn’t only ‘dwarfy’ to the champions league in all considerations, but travelling long distance and having to play on Thursdays’ nights, a bare 48 hours before a league game, couldn’t be an apple choice for a manager. But, kudos to the club hierarchy for shedding large bucks and splashing them to convince these world class players to join Manchester united.
  Having spent a staggering £160m on new players, no one seems to cares about the enormous match schedules united will be having these seasons. No one wants excuse from the team now.  Who cares if the team has to play 100 matches on the stretch – atleast the biggest players have landed with enormous potentials to win. Take Zlanta’s words ahead of the community shield clash with Leicester city as example. ‘I have not come to Manchester united to waste time, I want to win every trophy’, he confidently said. Thankfully, he got the winning goal, as united edge Leicester City by two goals to one. Paul Pogba’s arrival can only mean a beautiful winning story also; considering he was the most sought after midfielder in the world at just the age of 23 – coming from the back of a world record transfer from Italian champions Juventus to Manchester united.


The football world is waiting for the best version of the post Ferguson era. Mourinho cannot afford to not deliver trophies. Lets pardon his abysmal season with Chelsea. Now he has a dream squad. Any manager would love to have Anthony Martial, Wayne Rooney, Henrick Mhkitaryan, Paul Pogba, Marcus Rashford, Zlanta Ibrahimovich and the rest of them in the his team. Having these players only mean you’ve got to train at the highest level and have a clear idea of how you want the team to play. And with these, there is only victories as option.


Forget Pep Guardiola, Arsene Wenger, Anthonio Conte or Jurgen Klopp; Mourinho and his players must be ready to win titles after this successful summer in the transfer window. No other rival teams have invested so heavily on quality signings.


The past three post Ferguson era were ones to forget, but no excuse of ‘transitions’ or ‘philosophies’ will be tolerated by football faithfuls any longer.

Either by hard work, or magic or some miracles, Manchester united have got to deliver trophies now. Expectations have been triggered, fans are basking in euphoria, pundits are juggling for the season to unfold finally; Manchester united have got to deliver.

‘Trophies must arrive at old Trafford at the end of the season.’ 
That should be the new music in town now.

=Olumurewa Dunmade J.


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