Why You Urinate more In Cold Seasons.

Do you feel weird during winter or raining season because you pee many times compared to previous seasons?

It’s not an abnormality, but a physiological response referred to as COLD DIURESIS.

There are mechanisms which control variations in your body temperature.

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During cold, you tend to lose more heat to the environment thereby leading to activation of your brains Heat gain center. Your brain then tries to keep your core warm by constricting your blood vessels and reducing the flow of blood to your skin. This process is called vasoconstriction. It is necessary because heat is lost from your skin to the environment, so your body tries to reduce the flow of blood to your
extremities, especially your fingers and toes.


The constricted blood vessels cause your blood
pressure to rise, because the same amount of blood
has less space to flow through. To regulate your
blood pressure, your kidney filters out some of the
excess fluid from your blood, to reduce its volume.
As your bladder fills up with the excess fluid, you
feel the urge to pee. A full bladder is another way
that your body loses heat, so urinating immediately
helps to keep the core warmth. Thereby prevents a possible extreme blood pressure increase and a risk of severe hypothermia.

So don’t be scared,your body sgot it!

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