[PHOTO] You Should See This Pretty Twins Sisters You Can Tell Apart.

You might love to see this…. God is really wonderful…

These girls ain’t not just in identical, but are of different race color.

. .


. . . . . . . . . . . Lucy and Maria

Born in 1997. One has straight ginger hair, a fair
complexion and deep blue eyes. The other has masses
of curls, far darker skin and her eyes are a sparkling

It is quite understandable that some friends and people, even family members who are just seen this pair together would have it hard to believe that they are twins sisters for real..
With such opposing looks it’s hard to believe this
striking pair are sisters. But they are much more than
that, they are twins. The girls were born with radically
different colouring thanks to a quirk of their mixed-race

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Lucy and Maria Aylmer’s mother Donna is half Jamaican
and their father Vince is white, and together they
managed to produce one white twin and one black twin.
They have both lived their lives managing to convince
people that they are twins. Dailymail reports that, their
parents separated few years after they were born. Their
mum said the scan never revealed their colours and she
was shocked when the midwives presented them to her.
The girls, now 18, says they have had to prove they
were twins


. . . .  The Alyemer’s family


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