“I Love You ” is not a question, why then do we Answer.

1. Can you cry under water ?
2. Do fishes ever get thirsty ?
3. Why don’t birds fall off trees when
they sleep ?
4. Why is it called building when it is
already built ?
5. When they say dog food is new and
improved, who tastes it ?
6. “I Love You” is not a question then
why does it need an answer ?
7. Why does round pizza come in a square
box ?
8. Why doesn’t glue stick to its bottle ?
9. If money doesn’t grow on trees then
why do banks have branches ?

Don’t be confused!
Remember that, nothing in nature lives for

¤ Rivers don’t drink their own water.
¤ Trees don’t eat their own fruit.
¤The Sun doesn’t produce heat for itself,
and the moon never goes on a honeymoon.

Living for Others is the Rule of Nature.

Be each others keeper and be glorious..

Be a blessing to others


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