You can call it an irony, no gains without pains. As I carefully examine through the phrase it occurred to me that whatever you now possess that cost you nothing is either dubiously obtained or deceitfully obtained.

The jingling bells in the silent part of my heart quickly reminded me that the precious GOLD made into beautiful forms were once crude, raw and almost useless. But after passing via the red eye of blazing hot Fire – pains, it becomes a spectacle of highest honors. Some might get down in love with paying whatever price possible on order to get the new Golden ornaments made from raws.

Pain has to cost you something. It definitely has to cost you a thing – in form of sweat, regrets, denials. Deciding to love God has to cost you love for the frugalities and stinking desires of this world.
Pursuing your dreams and achieving then has to cost you a large chunk of your partying time. It has to cost you detaching from bad eggs friends who have a room tied to your neck to drag you just deep down the Devils pit filled with sorry and regrets.

It’s almost non existing to get all goodness on a platter of cheap cheap and free free. You have to make up your mind to reach that level of gains no matter the pains you passing through. Your pains are temporary, your gains are endless and continues, that should be a founded motivation for you at all time.

Gains are pleasurable when acquire. They give you comfort and makes you forget your once sorry state. What can you say of a pregnant woman in travail – she knows pains at the time of delivery – sweats and shouts don’t hide. But after delivery, she’s all smiles and joy; her pains escape via the airways, and he joy knows no bound – gain.

Think about this things. – Olumurewa Dunmade Joel 🙂


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