If any other chant has been more louder this season than ‘attack’ ‘attack’ ‘attack’ by Manchester United fans, it’s probably  from fans of a mediocre lower league relegation club at junior pro level. This typifies the hoax of Van gaal’s popular but sterile ‘philosophy’ at the helm of affairs as the club’s coach.

The defiant Coach was honest in his own sense while describing the reports  about his imminent departure after the home loss to Southampton, as ‘horrible’  and ‘disappointing’. Probably, those ugly adjectives sums up his reign so far as coach and manager of the club. It’s not just about the results that seem ‘one step forward, two steps backward’  but it’s momentarily about the Lack of  attacking flair and urgency in the final third of the pitch. United majorly boast about 76% possession per games, but their score line keeps blushing at hungry defeats. The philosophy looks to enjoy fixing creative players at positional plays on the pitch –  restricting quality players like Anthony Martial, Memphis   Depay and Juan Mata from fully expressing their gross abilities without having to take needless touches with team mates; when in real sense they should have thought more about surging forward for a goal or assist.

All the social media cries and frantic analysis would have been beulinguering, if the results have been pretty forth coming positively. Last December represented the worst in the history of the club in terms of On pitch results. Nine games without a win for a club of United’s magnitude is sardonic and embarrassing. After spending an excess of about €250million on signings,and still sitting five points behind the team at the last champions League spot (Tottenham Hotspur – which has been really hot at the top), plus a maximum ten points behind league leaders arsenal and Leicester after 22 games ..this typifies  lugubrious slumps in the ability of Louis van gaal to coach the United team to sure success soon if not soonest.

Most Fans both at Manchester and the rest of the world look to have lost patient with what seem like sterile performances from a team which boast quality players. It should be noted that finishing top 4 last season required some individual magic from  players such as angel di Maria, Wayne Rooney, Robin can persie, Ander Herrera etc. This season Van gaal was brave to part ways with one of the most popular player amongst the fans, which is Javier Hernandez. The player was forced out of the club by Van Gaal. Hernandez then moved on to Germany and has since been making teams in the Bundesliga to run on hot coals due to his massive goals scoring exploit. While in contrast , Louis van gaal continues to experiment the front line with instructions to players to constantly repeat poor diagonal passes to able accrue more possession instead of feeding the strikers with chances, with this summing up the manager’s philosophy, and has constantly made the team labour I’m front of  goals-evidently;It should be of note that in 11 consecutive games this season, the team are yet to score on the first of halfs of the games.

Nevertheless, the Netherlands former Coach, has been able to manage one of the best affairs in English football with the chief executive Ed Woodward and the Gleizers family. He recently   claimed, ”I got an expensive wine from  the chief executive ed Woodward, for  beating an opponent in  top six” he said, (referring to the 1-0 win over Liverpool) – he forgot Liverpool was 9th at the time and not 6th,anyway. 
The ex- Ajax coach has saved his head more times this season than wins for the team- not because the fans wished for him to stay , not because the players are so happy with his style and his philosophy- but just maybe because he has  kept working on reminding the Club executives and the media how successful he has been elsewhere – at Barcelona and Munich- ,how he has brought in young players into the first team (for which he’s tried), reminding the Club hierarchy about their hatred for Sacking coaches at mere intervals- forgetting ‘for who much is given much is expected’…with other cunny moves during press conferences to signal his contentment at not walking away from the job. And surprisingly, despite poor performances which  promises to continue due to the boring, dull and uninspiring coaching style; Lious Van Gaal is getting life lines from  the big board directors at Manchester United at the moment.

To avoid boos around old Trafford and criticism from the media; strong consistent performance from Louis van gaal’s team is needed  to prove  that his philosophy is not yet outdated yet as widely claimed and that he’s the best choice the club can stick to at this time. Even though surviving the ‘sack’  has been of an awkwardness considering how football clubs part ways with coaches after few defeats. But until now, Lious Van Gaal continues his romantic footballing relationship with the club’s hierarchy; While the players and fans continue get used to boring possession-based games and a couple of defeats which could prove costly on the top 4 agenda.

Written by
-Olumurewa Dunmade Joel


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