My #throwbackWrite-up (2013)

I was just perusing through my old jotters…., and saw a little write up of mine  titled: “WHAT IS HAPPPENING”, dated  14th  September 2013, which I will like to Share here(unedited#)


The Creator blessed our country with virtually every good resources!  A nation with lands flowing with juicy milk and honey. A nation where what is  ‘ in excess’ is scarce in other lands. A nation with brilliant human resources, sumptuously rich natural resources!

Even after taking the good times in moulding everyone into a nation as priceless as this one; the Creator would  seem expectectant In seeing a nearly perfect growing and tremendously developing nation – and it’s people.

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…… But what has really become Nigeria’s over the years ? 
When we were just little kids, sounds of hope littered every corners. The young and the old used to dream of a colorful tomorrow. The kids  kept believing ‘a better Naija begins with Us’ . They used to say, of course, we leaders of tomorrow will make this nation become a great one. And, Yes, we still believing, in the face of ‘winking’ doubts .

Truths be told,  Nigeria has seen herself slain by corrupt individuals, who daily load their sacky pockets with the nation’s wealth. They have truly made the beautifully-created nation seem like there’s. Forgetting she’s God’s.

Though many have pursued changes , but have expectedly met with fizzlingout hopelessness. The Labour of our heroes past have become unable to hold their own in the face of frantic corrupt practices across all arms of government.

“hope the giant of Africa has not really become a giant on the lips;and just a stunted dwarf in the face of economic breakdown– while her hope continues to dance in the fury rain, and while it continues&nbsp birthing hardship# for the common poor men and women on the streets of Lagos, and the rest of Nigeria.

The only question on my lips is  ‘what is happening’

      – Olayemi Olumurewa Joel (14th September, 2013.


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