If disagreements have put a strain on

relationships with family, a new year

may be just the right time to mend


1. Understand your own feelings.
Make sure that you can clearly state
what bothers you about the situation
and then share it with someone you

2. Commit to forgiving.
Decide that you will take whatever
action you need to feel better about
what’s going on.

3. Focus on finding peace.
The goal is to find peace and
understanding. Sometimes, you won’t
always be able to reconcile the issue
fully so instead, focus on accepting what

4. Get a new view.
Look at the situation honestly. You’re
likely letting past issue affect your
present outlook so look at present
circumstances to soothe those hurt

5. Control your stress.
When you start to get upset, look for a
way to immediately reduce your stress.

6. Eliminate expectations.
Realize that you cannot control the
actions of other people. Even if you wish
someone would behave a certain way,
don’t expect them to do so.

7. Channel your energy.
Use your energy for good by finding
new ways to get what you want.

8. Look around for love.
Take the love and forgiveness that you
can find in other places and internalize

9. Remember that you chose forgiveness.
Whenever you think about the situation
that hurt you, include the fact that you
chose to forgive.



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