Steps That Will Help You Have A Successful 2016.

I’m more than happy to welcome you esteemed viewers to my blog this year. Wishing you a fabulous year 2016. 🙂 Let’s begin this year in style. And  In Grace.

As we roll, this year, on, I hope this post will help one or two persons.


BE More Optimistic 

In 2015,you were probably that person who had loads of skeptism about whether you could really make an impact in that sector, or become really  successful in that subject in school. These loads of ‘doubts’  and skeptism have a very cunny way of sucking your potentials dry- sometimes not too dry so you wouldn’t notice the kind of damage being done on you.
If you’ll mean to have a better 2016,you’ve got to raise that level of optimism in you, that level of self believe, that level of hope. Become free from doubts and anxiety. Work your way out of low self of esteem.

Take More Risk:

This might sound weird to someone. But the crystal truth is that making more money, achieving a new height in your Creative potentials will be waiting for you to take more Risk. You ll need to try out Old stuffs that didn’t work last year- see whether it works again. This could implant your susceptibility to a fulfilled year on a more platter of gold. You may also have to make decisions that could cost or not cost you something. In this regard, you don’t have to throw money at gambles, but in projects, contracts that looks impossible- but which are only willing that you go abit more extra in the risk you’d take before the contracts becomes yours or before the project becomes well executable. Just be wise as you take those risks.

Have  listening Ears:

Alot of bosses at work become outdated because they do not take interest in listening to colleagues or even junior colleagues who wish to share a few idea with em. Don’t become ‘locked’ in the past, or locked to ‘yourself’ . In 2016, beginning to see things differently. The key to that difficult Courses in your school might just be in the hands of that friend you look down on. Be wise!

‘Define’Who should be your Friends

Part of why 2015 was disappointing was because you obviously moved with the wrong persons-your so called friends. Begin to separate who can ‘work’ and ‘walk’ with you in 2016. I bet you know the capabilities of each of your friends, so try to relate more with those ones whose vision goes a pedestrian Lane with your. Friends who only encourage you ri5 smoke more, drink more, party all day, go about with ladies – and not mention about how you would succeed in your academics, are the exact example  of persons you don’t need in 2016 only if you’re serious about having a good year.

Dream Big.

Someone is saying, ‘my 2015 was fabulous. What dream again! ‘. It will be lugubrious if you stall into that  mentality as you proceed into 2016. It will just do more good if you thought about having a bigger Dream. That old style or level of skill you’ve been hanging on for Adams could tomorrow be irrelevant. You’re definitely on a safer side when  you start Dreaming bigger. A popular quote says, “I will shoot at the moon, atleast if I fail, I will land on the stars”. You will begin to have a special year in 2016 if you  start mapping out crazier, bigger ideas, strategies, innovations, for your self. It’s never too early.

Don’t leave God out of the Equation.

The biggest mistake of any man is to think he or she can achieve anything fantastic without the help of God. Alot of people started 2015 and ended it in the same way because their hearts were far from God’s. Bible says,’ seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and other things shall be added unto you’. In order to have a firing, smashing, victorious, blissful 2016- God must always be in your equations and endeavors..

Embrace Creativity

If you’re a student whose only interest is in Reading, without any form of creativity, it’s abit dangerous I have to say. Employments becomes easy when youths can boast of having a creative work at hand, which possibly could fetch some cool money. Also, You’ll be positioning your self better for the future when you begin to Learn something quite creative;be it Computer’s training,machines operation, estate business, fashions designing, Bloggings, beads making etc. All you ll have to do is to look inward and see a true reflection of  what perfectly suits you.

Thanks for taking your time to read.

#happy2016celebrations. 🙂

Your writer,
Olumurewa Dunmade J.


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