‘doctors grow new Vocal Cords for humans’…. And, OTHER SPECTACULAR SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERIES OF YEAR 2015.


1.Doctors Grow Human Vocal Cords from Scratch

Using cells from human donors,
doctors have, for the first time, built
a set of vocal cords from scratch. The
cells were urged to form a tissue that
mimics vocal fold mucosa – vibrating
flaps in the larynx that create the
sounds of the human voice. This
amazing breakthrough could
someday restore speech to patients
who lost their vocal cords due to
illness or surgery.
Source: Nasa

2.   200+ New Species Identified in Fragile Himalayan Region

In a new report, scientists
from various organizations
announced that between 2009 and
2014 they discovered 211 new species
in the Eastern Himalayas, including
133 plants, 39 invertebrates, 26 fish,
10 amphibians, one reptile, one bird,
and one mammal. Among the most
notable and flashy discoveries are
the blue dwarf ‘walking’ snakehead
fish (which can breathe air and
survive on land for up to four days),
a monkey with an upturned nose that
sneezes when it rains, and the
bejeweled lance-headed pit viper,
which looks like a genuine piece of
These discoveries indicate that this
region of the Himalayas is one of the
most biologically diverse on Earth.

3.  Scientists Identify Drugs for a Potential Male Birth Control Pill

Two drugs, cyclosporine A (also
known as CsA) and FK506 (also
known as tacrolimus) have been
identified as having the potential to
work as a male birth control pill. The
combination of drugs make the part
of the sperm that connects the tail
and the head too rigid to penetrate
the zona pellucida – the membrane
that surrounds the egg.

4.  Cancer Patient Receives 3D-Printed Sternum and Ribs

The first surgical procedure of its
time, a 54-year-old Spanish man
received a custom, 3D-printed
sternum and ribs. The man had chest
wall sarcoma, a tumor that grows in
the chest wall. His had grown around
his sternum and in order to remove
it, doctors also had to remove the
sternum and part of his ribcage.
However, using high-resolution CT
scans of his chest, the Australian
medical device company Anatomics
was able to 3D-print an accurate
implant, and let the surgical team
accurately plan their procedure.

5.  Doctors Give Man the First Bionic Penis

So when Scotland resident
Mohammed Abad was six years old,
he was in a really bad car accident.
How bad? Well, he was hit by a car
and dragged almost 600 feet, an
incident which tore off his penis. But
don’t worry, because a University of
London team has been hard at work
for the last three years crafting Abad
a brand new 8-inch penis, made with
skin grafts from his forearm. It can
even become erect at the push of a
button, which activates a pump that
infuses the appendage with fluid.

Source: Engadget

6.  Mammal Species That Survived Dinosaur Extinction Discovered

Published in the Zoological Journal of
the Linnean Society, scientists
announced that they have identified
the “rodent-like” mammal
species, Kimbetopsalis simmonsae.
This plant-eating mammal looked
kind of like a beaver and offers clues
as to how mammals “took over”
following the extinction of the
Found in the New Mexico badlands,
this mammal is notable as well for its
teeth – it had “complicated rows of
cusps at the back and incisors at the
front for gnawing.”
Source: BBC

7.  Scientists Discover Fossils of a New Species of Human Ancestor

A group of scientists searching for
fossils in a South African cave turned
up a brand new human ancestor,
different enough to be worthy of its
own species. Dubbed Homo naledi ,
the species is rather primitive, but
also looks remarkably like modern
humans and will likely force
scientists to take another look at how
they see human evolution.

Source: National Geographic


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