2015 WordPress Annual Report On Murraygists.wordpress.com

The whole blogging idea all started scantily in the
month of June 2015.

The idea behind murraygists.wordpress.com
blogsite was all about giving out Facts and
Informations that will add more values and
knowledge to the lives of Viewers . The focus
wasn’t ‘anyhow’ post or ‘anything-goes’, the
idea was clearly on adding quality information
and knowledge.

About Six months on the road,from June to this
date, wouldn’t say Alot has been achieved yet,
but can be proud of every single blogging
minutes. The annual report from wordpress
shows there are over 1000 viewers on the blog-
from 33 countries all around the world, including
European countries, America and most especially

Even though it’s been a personally busy year;
creating time for blogging and connecting with all
the audience wasn’t as easy, but, the little time
spent were filled with starring fun.
Wanna say a big Thank you to everyone:
*wordpress followers
* Facebook friends
* Twitter followers
*Google users, etc, that managed to view posts
on murraygists.wordpress.com. Wanna say a big
Thank you also to people who did Reblogs,
shares on Posts , and most especially those who
have been source of encouragement to this
personal project.

Now, 2016 promises to be more exciting, more
innovative, more informative, and you can expect
more intresting gists and facts, more than you
had in the half of this year.

Thank you all, and God bless.

– Olumurewa Dunmade Joel.



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