Is The Quest For a Gender Equality an impossible Mission??

Gender equality, also known as
sex equality, gender
egalitarianism, sexual equality
or equality of the genders, is
the view that all genders,
including men and women,
should receive equal treatment,
and should not be discriminated against based
on their gender .


But it seems what we have had in exchange for Gender Equality someway has been gender discrimination and violence against women.

“Violence against women are
global phenomena as old as
human history. Women’s rights
are the freedom and entitlement
of women of human rights
without discrimination or
violation. Women’s rights are
rights inherent in nature and
guaranteed by law. Therefore
gender discrimination and
violence against women are
contrary to fundamental human
rights, equity, natural justice and
good governance. Reconstructing
women’s rights, gender
discrimination and violence
through library and information
services deliveryis is aimed at
making information available to
all this topical issue. In human
rights issues availability and
access to information on the
nature of women’s rights and
dimensions of gender
discrimination and violence can
never be more appropriate than
now.”-  Francis O. Anaeme
Senior Librarian
University of Nigeria,

The Quest for a more safer and friendlier environment for women and the girl-child has long been running across thin and thick lines all over the world. Kings and the maids of know about it. Even though , it’s been less productive in outcome.

It was recently argued keenly that probably and most generally assumed, that Men were born to take up ‘Authorities’, while women were born to enjoy ‘Privileges’. You could hear of a man with three wives in the same house; but not a woman with three husbands in the same house. In a different case, a gorgeous good looking lady might be offered a job by a company at the expense of a more competent man, simply because the lady’s beauty would entice more investors and customers . The former illustration oozes ‘Authority’ while the latter demonstrates ‘privilege’ . Although this is quite not usually the case.

Right In our nation , Various NGOs, pressure groups, have shown massive support and encouragement for an hallmark change as to How women and the girl child are been viewed by the ‘black-african’ society. There have been Legion of reasons stated as to WHY and HOW women should been seen as more than just ‘pretty faced’, ‘home-fitted’, ‘cook-endowed’, ‘romantic symbols’–or rawly:…..’individuals only good for the house chores and just as kid-mistresses’.

Looking critically at the political sphere of the nation, women have been silently relegated to a background where they are just good for ‘a deputy position’ , while a few get a nod at the house of Representatives and national assembly. Even voters– including brilliant women themselves –, have a doubting faith in accruing their votes to women at the electoral post. The reasons attached to this may be seduced out of context; ‘women are seen and believed to be ‘incapable’ and ‘weak’ to assume the most notable leadership roles in the community’. This seem to be a thick ‘glandular layer’ – a naturally invoked knowledge, which for ages has acted as an indispensable force on the children of men to believe and perceive women to be unable to lead where men lives.

Methods often Employed by women when agitating for gender equity, quest for more recognition in the society, stiffer laws against rape, etc, have been mediocre and even self damaging at times. Portraying women as been stronger than men would pull no hair from the Mountains skin; Refusal to address the more widely accepted case of inappropriate dresses in higher institutions, would make the war against Rape less bloody and less won. As long as girls wear promiscuous clothes;they are always going to be at the haunting mouth of violence – and miles away from Gender Equity..

Dropping off the pen: it’s needless to assume that the society has started receiving a revival from the preformed knowledge about women. More work would have to be done, and fast. Feminists, women and girl child pressure groups, have a mountainous summit to reach in a bid to draw closer the gap between What the woman can do to benefit her society’ and ‘what the society is made to believe the woman is’. Ability to sensitize, empower and practically showcase vibrant roles women are playing in politics, academics, medicine, economy etc, would spur a greater acceptance of the women’s quest. This would make the society to feel more secured. Parents may need to be more swaggered in giving their girl child a safely detailed Sex education. The correct sex knowledge being drifted into the inner mind of the girl child gives her the power to say to No premature Sexual and advances by the opposite sex. The same knowledge would help to safeguard her from assuming a position or location where she becomes vulnerable to Rape.
However, more popular ineffective ‘SHOWS ‘ about who a woman is—sometimes allegedly; more stronger than Samson and David, richer than Dangotes of this world, powerful than Obama–would always definitely make it harder for the quest of a possible gender equity to be more realistic and the more it widens the gap between the ‘authorities’ that men enjoy, and the ‘Share’ Women are agitating to Enjoy. Whether it’s an impossible mission is yet to be known.

Article composed and published by, Olumurewa Dunmade Joel .


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