Have You been Wondering Why your Phone’s Battery get Drained so easily? Try out these 5 Tips that ll Help your Phone’s Battery Last Longer and Better .


It’s pretty not a good feeling when you are in the middle of a lovely chat on your mobile or smart phone, and your battery sounds a note of warning like a refree that you would soon be denied of something you still enjoying doing . It’s just not a good feeling. And then you wonder how on earth the phone you just charged could dare drastically go down to a drained level in few minutes .

However, Alot of blames remain on you- phone users. There are things a phone user does and does not do that jeopardize the health of the Phone’s Battery or aggravate the battery’s condition into a deteriorating one. Someone would say, ‘O God I hate my blackberry because of the battery’. While another would say, ‘my Android doesn’t last for an hour’. But, I want to chip in this: often times we do things on our mobile phones and smart phones that retards the healthy status of the batteries.

On that note, I would like to alright some simple important tips or tricks that could help your Phone’s Battery Last Longer and Better .

1. Always Close running Apps On The Background : Here someone says, ‘for what?. However, yes, in order to have a long lasting battery on your Phones, you need to cultivate the habit of Closing background Apps that you’ not using at a particular time – some apps do run in the background without you being aware, and tend to have their portion. So closing the apps would help to lessen the workload on your mobile device.

2. Put Off Your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth When not In Use : I think the point here has made itself clearer, in the sense that WiFi and Bluetooth can drain batteries unexpectedly when left on. So putting them off will help the phone to conserve it’s energy for better purposes.

3. When in a bright environment, Reduce Phone’s Screen brightness to minimum. : Of course, what point is there in still using a very bright screenlight on your smart phone when you’re in an environment that enables you to see your phone screen clearly. Certainly, it’s advisable to reduce the phone’s brightness so that the battery can last Longer. Screen Brightness contributes to drainage of batteries.

4.Turn Phone To Airplane Mode While Driving : Normally, your phone isn’t expected to be On while you drive- to avoid you picking a call — which could be dangerous. So it pays to simply put the phone on airplane mode. Research has also shown that a phone charged while on airplane mode charges at about three times faster and better than when charged whole On. And with this, you’re prolonging the life of the battery;and your own life because you get less distracted and driving becomes a lot safer.

And lastly on number five; Lock your Screen regularly when phone is not used. : This helps your phone to hibernate from background’s running apps-this will definitely help the battery to last longer. Also, your relationship might last longer when you put your phone on screen lock. Because your fingers might type and send a wrong message like ‘dear, I’m quitting’, to your spouse- when actually you never meant to. So it saves and pays to lock the Phone’s screen.

Thanks for your usual visit to the blog.

Article Written and Compiled by,

Olayemi Olumurewa Joel.


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