How badly do Facebook Users need a ‘Dislike’ button.

Welcome friends,

Probably you have heard in the news or read in the newspapers about plans on integrating a ‘Dislike’ button on your popular social network-Facebook. Yes, either it’s now or later, there shall be an opposite of the ‘like’  button general utilized by Facebook Users.


Let’s get down to business. How badly do Facebook Users need to get their surfing fingers on the much expected Dislike button from Mark Zuckerberg and his team? Let’s get practical about this question abit.

You and I know that a whole lot of stuffs get posted on Facebook day and night. You’ve got fb friends you directly know and also those you’ve  hardly seen or known all life.
Some  convey their introvertic nature onto the outside by posting stuffs about issues ravaging their family, stuffs about the new guy or girl  that just dumped them like never before, a contract that just eluded them. And then they get some few comments and a whole bag of likes. Even a baby ought to know that what such people needed at such times are words of encouragement; giving them tips on how to get out of their troubles- not some LIKE buttons.

Moreover, in this days of Bad news flying all over the sky, the social networks have become dumping grounds. News are flown  across the world to inform people about lugubrious happenings such as bombing, kidnapping, Raping etc. But it’s flabbergasting that users still display an aqua of teaming ignorance by pressing the LIKE button on such posts. It makes one really feel their should be some orientation or definitions for some people on what a LIKE button means;making them know that crystal clearly, part of it uses is to show approval or affection towards a photo, event or posts.

The list goes On and On about several misuses of Facebook’s Like button.

So then, how badly is a DISLIKE button needed. Sometimes, you have to be candid enough to some people on your fb list. There’s a person who uploaded an indecent picture on Facebook, as much as the person doesn’t care about your own view-you can still make a candid statement by Using the Dislike button. So when such person sees about a hundred dislikes on his or her photo, somethings pops in the mind.
You might have no time to give a COMMENT on a particular opinion. Either pressing a LIKE or a DISLIKE button would serve as a quick-poacher.

And of course bad news like bombing, kidnapping,Raping etc, can start getting few or no persons LIKING them when there’s a button to show that you do not give affection to such an occurrence. And the general public should be well informed and updated on what posts or trends are to be Liked, and those that are to be Dislike. For the sake of misusers, Facebook Dislike button can be widely anticipated and shown to be  badly needed.

Written by,
Olayemi Olumurewa J.


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