3 Questions to Keep Any Conversation Moving

Whether you want to build a network or want to
meet some new friends – One of the BIGGEST
problems you may face is the awkward silence.
How to fill it? What to say? And after that, what
next? How would you keep the conversation
going? Not knowing how to keep a conversation
going can really harm your social life, but if you
know how to keep those words flowing, you can
meet, talk to, and get to know pretty much
anyone you like—creating great possibilities for
friendship, fun, and shared activities that you
would otherwise have missed out on. So here are
3 questions that will keep ANY conversation

-After asking what is he or she does for living, and
it happens to be something vague, like
“integrating/managing/corporating etc. ” you
should drop something like “Must be interesting
to work there, tell me what you do during the
day…”. This question will help you understand
what this person actually does for living and will
show him/her that you are truly interested. It is
crucial that you listen attentively when the other
person is speaking instead of worrying about
what you should say next. This will help you to
understand what you have in common and will
give you plenty of topics to talk about.

-“How did you get into that industry?”

Everyone has a story of how things happened the
way they did. And all you have to do is to give a
person an opportunity to tell it. This what this
question is for. Why this person decided to
become a teacher/doctor/lawyer or whatever he/
she became? Maybe there is an interesting story
behind? People love to talk about themselves,
especially when there is someone who listens.

-“What are you into outside of work?”
This is a great way to talk about hobbies and
passions, books and music. This is a question
that will let you find out anything about the
person you are talking to. Just show genuine
interest and enthusiasm. Show esteem and
respect for the other person and get the other
person to speak frankly and openly.
The art of managing conversation lies in knowing
when you should be directing things and when
you should let the conversation take its natural
course. To start with you might need to remind
yourself of these questions but as you continue
things will get easier. Eventually you’ll be able to
carry a conversation easily without even thinking
about it.



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