Powerful and Strategic Steps That Can Help You Break Out Of Your Comfort Zone

They say that a boat is safe on the docks,
but that’s not what boats are made for.
How can you grow if you choose to stay
within your comfort zone?

Know what you want to do. It’s one
thing to break your habits, but it’s
another thing entirely to know what
you’ll be replacing your old routine with.
It’s important to remember that it is easy
to think about the things you might lose,
but that takes the focus off what you
might gain.

You really have to focus on the positives
that you can take out of the experience
because you if you focus on the old
negatives, then you will face the
challenge negatively, and that will only
make it harder.

You need to let go of your idea of
perfection as well because once you
leave your comfort zone, it won’t be a
garden of roses. This shouldn’t put you
off though, because sometimes, you need
to fail to succeed. You might have a
routine that works perfectly for you, but
if you want to experience something
new, then you need to accept that it
might get rough for a while.

Choosing to walk away from your
routine will give you much more control
over your life in the better way. You will gain a reasonable freedom
that up until now has been locked away
by fear. You will be in full control of
your life and what you do, and you won’t
be holding yourself back, but to have
this, you need to let go of the wrong and dirts of the past.

– By Emma Spencer


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