CORRUPTION: Pure Deviation From Norm.

Corruption at any level should be unacceptable and ought to be seen as pure deviation from the norms.
Culprits don’t understand this statement though.

It’s however a common story, with telling impart: Someone behind corner, sits down comfortably and divert funds which belong to the government and the people, into personal accounts.
There would have been less of headaches if we ain’t discussing about millions and billions of pretty dollars around here. But sadly, Yes – we are talking about that, exactly.

Its overwhelming and lugubrious that corrupt officials know that the money they enjoy stealing could go a long way in alleviating poverty from the lives of people.

For instance, if someone could steal or embezzle 100billion dollars;how would the same figure if spent on a population of a little more than 100million people won’t feel a great impact on their lives and businesses. The economy would become buoyant. Poverty level would drastically drown in the sea.

I do think it’s high time people gave themselves to massive rethink. The fleet of cars,the mansions, Estates and properties are ephemerals that will end up leaving if you think you can’t leave them.

In actual sense, people need to have the interest of others looming on the surface of their hearts. Poverty and hardship can be given a redcard only if everyone is ready to be transparently accountable for everything that is put under their watch -including the keys to government, church or company’s treasury.

Either you’re a governor, a senator, a housewife, husband,a priest, undergraduate; always remember that: a better world begins with you and Me.



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