4 Interview Questions You Don’t Have to Answer

Are you married?/Do you have children?

Family-oriented questions like this should strictly
stay out of discussions even when they are being
used as an icebreaker for interviews. The
employer here is clearly assessing your flexibility
and how likely you are to work overtime.

What religion do you practice?

If an interviewer asks you about religion you can
simply refuse to answer. The reason they can ask
you this question is that they want to know more
about work scheduling and how you are most
likely to be spending your weekends and holidays.

How Old are You.

Questions about your age are simply illegal.
Everything a hiring manager needs to know about
your age is that you are 18, so you are old
enough for work. Questions about age are illegal
and the interviewer doesn’t have a right to ask
you about age directly or indirectly. They can’t
also ask your graduation year. Of course you can
answer this question if you feel comfortable, but if
you don’t – you don’t have to.

Questions about your health?

If the question about health is relevant to the job
(if there are physical tasks you need to perform
on this job) you should answer it. But if it’s not
then it is illegal question you can refuse to



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