Read This Facts If You’ve Never Loved Eating Onions.



Surprisingly, as common as onion is to  large chunk of people  around the world, it’s still widely disliked or undervalued. You know you  possibly could throw a few hundreds of pounds in the Ocean if you do not realize that what you’ve got in your  hands worth alot.

Onions contains powerful elements such as Sulphur, Magnesium, Calcium, Flourine, Vitamins A, B, C and D. It will also intrest you to know that Onions have a large share of #Antioxidants.

These components amongst others, makes Onions a powerful  antibiotics I.E it hates and attack the sight of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms in the body.

What  about the body’s immune system?  Alot of people get sick easily because their body do not get enough immune support from sources such as Onions. Onions Strengthens the  immune functions in the body. It’s like a ‘mitochondrial-booster’.

Onions works as an anti-carcinogenic agent(it repels the threat of cancer invasion.)  Cancer which has been a menace to the world today can be reduced if consumption of  Onions Is encouraged. Onions contains antioxidants , which exactly loves to combat and repel any form of cancerogenesis.

People having hard times with high blood pressure need to add more onions into their Diet. Onions slows down the blood pressure because it contains elements that serve as vasodilators. It helps blood to flow easily through the vessels and so every thought of increased blood pressure is brought to an end by the help of the onions consumed.

Finally , if you are the type that needs an ‘erythropoisis inducer ‘(red-blood cell production  trigger), then you need to start loving eating onions, because it contains enough amount of  #iron that helps in the production of red-blood cells on the body as well as hemoglobin.


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