Jose Mourinho’s Honey Moon With Guiness Book Of Records Awards, Still Not Over?

Just few weeks ago, Mourinho bagged five solid awards from the iconical Guiness Book Of Records. It’s a point crystal clear commendations for the outstanding success that the Current Chelsea manager has brought into the world of football, for over a decade now.


Mourinho ’s five managerial records in the latest edition of the famous and prestigious book are as follows:

*Longest football unbeaten home run by a manager (nine years)
*Most Champions League titles with different clubs (two)
*Youngest manager to reach 100 Champions League matches (49 years 12 days)
*Most points in a Premier League season (95)
*Most games unbeaten at home in the Premier League (77)

Remarkably, the Portuguese Coach has mustered these golden achievements so far at quite a young age-still far from being a ’60+yrs old’,—he has more years to break his own records. Even if you’re a John Cena, you would succumb to the fact that the genius nature of the Chelsea manager is enviable; and it looks impossible for alot of coaches to rack up half his success. He’s such a top-class manager. And of course more and more is expected of him because he has raised the standards higher.
Also, you may have to remember that  Mourinho in the public often give less or no emotion  towards  past success of his. Even after receiving the Guiness book of records awards, he clearly stated his intention to ‘only look forward to the future’ (but don’t be surprised he might soon refer to his awards achievement in a press conference). But, nevertheless, We all need to agree with him-and move on.

Few weeks after banging the five starts award, the football world knows what’s facing a José Mourinho. Five games,three defeats, 13 goals already conceeded, and this is confirmed as the the worst jose Mourinho’s season,(a man known for magnetic success and great personality to win) .He’s been experiencing his worst season not just in terms of Results, March statistics or players form, but also as a manager—in front of camera after the astonishing defeat to everton last weekend, he mustered encouraging words from his mouth all about being ‘a champion’ and having no pressure on his shoulders , but no doubt he has begin to look like  he’s almost ran out of Ideas on how to fix the mess he brought: the club, the team and himself, into. Maybe life would have been better for him without the  failure to strengthen the squad beyond seeing the face of Pedro, a certain  facao- who isn’t a boast for a top club as for now, or relatively unknown baba rahman. Also, how he handled the Dr Evan Carneiros case with Hazard looked pathetic!(blaming a woman doctor for a teams failure could have originally bought an ‘Harry Porter’ spell on any team). And you wouldn’t forget how he dragged the John Stone’s transfer Saga widely public. He unknowingly was putting distractions on the underperfoming likes of Terry and Ivanovich who have become ‘prey to the teeth’-even a protege from arsenal youth team could easily slide  a ball past them more than Leonel Messi.

It’s all  looking like the mind games tactics , trickish and hot interview often Employed by Mourinho are backfiring  brightly for him, than the awards he’d just received.

With some hope that he would get into winning ways;
If probably Mourinho has been on honeymoon with his five Stars Award while hoping things would gear back to normal, later or sooner  for his current side’s flabbergasting displays— Just as the title of a popular hit song ‘the future is here’, he must realize that more poor run of form probably against maccabi and arsenal,then the public would put those awards he’s collected into the deepest pit in the  backyard of ‘the past’ . Not also forgetting the media,who have helped to announce his achievements. And a certain Pep Gaudiolar will be waiting-a sworn rival  to remind him of his current poor records;when the need for the seasonal comparison of the two coaches begin again.

A top top manager who has acquired  overwhelming success  in the past, and  enjoying the glossaries of awards from Guiness at the present;must wake up and put himself back in the right place. The honeymoon romance with the five awards has to stop for the good of his head at the sight of Roman Abrahamovich. Four points from five games, and a place in the relegation zone,he might be back in the Guiness Book Of Records again- but this time, the records might be singing a different ‘song’ . You know what that means, don’t you.

Article written by JoelMurray.


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