[photo] A machine named ‘White Goat’

Introducing to you ‘White Goat Machine’ :
As much as the name of this machine sounds funny, it’s actually a machine with an emence utility. You and your office colleagues will never need to  waste paper again with Oriental’s
White Goat machine, which converts normal paper into toilet paper.


*How it Works ?
You Simply insert about 40 sheets of shredded paper into the input region of the machine , and
in 30 minutes you’ll receive a freshly made roll of toilet

*Mechanism of its Actions.
The machine shreds the paper, dissolves it in
water, thins it out and then dries it and winds it around
a roll.

According to Oriental, it costs about 12 cents to
churn out one roll.
White Goat goes on sale in Japan @about a $100,000. The machine definitely helps office or business work to move faster.
However, white goat is about 6-feet
tall, and may pose abit of challenge as to where it occupies in your office.


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