I am THE Sun.



Those condescending looks
Veiled by the shroud of indifference
Spearing me, strips me down to the bone.
Those unbelievably innocent eyes
Are just a cover to hide their evil sides.
They are the worst kind of evil,
Nonchalantly dismissing my dreams
As insignificant.
Those delicate looking educated hands
Move to throttle my voice
In the dark of the night
Under the faint light of the stars,
The moon hidden behind
The thick cover of the clouds.
Those sugary sweet words
Spilling from their poisoned mouths
Like froth on the pretty porcelain floors,
Ruining their clinical,perfect worlds
Reducing the hardwork it had taken
To make it spec-free, to nothing.
They have labeled me as the setting sun,
Going down;
soon to be hidden beneath the night ocean.
But what they don’t realise is that
I am the sun.
I rise.
Again and again and again.
The turbulent ocean is my cover

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