Nigeria: War Against Corruption.

Alot have been said about CORRUPTION in Nigeria since decades. It’s even becoming a norm to read stories in our national dailies about principal office holders in the country embezzling ridiculous amount of money-without getting punished.
Its so wierd to read that someone embezzles, comes back to his village and he’s celebrated with drums and dances. This is one of the headache-giving circumstances that corruption has put us into in this country Nigeria.

However, with the current Heaven-and-earth promises being made by the present administration in the country, led by President Mohammadu Buhari against corruption and people involved in corrupt practices , it’s hope of few that this menace called Corruption can be put out completely out of the system. But How?

My feeling, and that of some fellow Nigerians is that Federal Government should Publicly and Constitutionally State The Amount Of Punishment or Severity Of Punishment That Will Be Given To Office Holders Who Have Been Found Guilty Of Corruption Charges Pressed Against Them. For example, government can let everyone one know that when you are found guilty of  embezzling money belonging to the government, you will definitely be sentenced to life imprisonment! Or even sentenced to Death by Hanging- Something a bit cruel has to be injected into the system of punishment used against those who steal the nation’s wealth.
China for example has a strong law against corruption that’s translates that anyone guilty of corrupt charges face death instantly. This has made people of China to be conscious of how they handle their government assets.

If the Nigeria government wants to really fight corrupt people, they need to take a frank and bold step like what has been discussed . Enough of Rich people walking  freely in the streets after stealing billions of dollars! Enough of poor people getting poorer. It’s also no joke when you hear or see that a poor man who steals an handset get jailed for E.g three years-good, but why should a rich man steal billions of naira and still walks free on the street? It’s pure madness and imbalance.

When people see that whoever steals public funds gets life imprisonment or sentenced to death,almost no one will dare indulge in mismanagement of public fund as being witnessed today.

Also, government if really  serious about anti-corruption campaign  should go ahead and strengthen the agencies involved in dealing with corruption matters in the country. Government should give them more power constitutionally so that nobody will become bigger than the law or the country.

God bless Naija.


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