Prayer is often said to be the master key. Jesus Christ in the scriptures started with prayer and he ended with prayer.
Permit me to say that it’s not enough to just open one’s mouth to pray;but rather praying the right prayer or prayers in the right way. It will then be interesting to know that we should have consciousness of some facts before we embark on our prayers to God.
So, we bring to you: Five things we should highlight as we pray.



We must come to terms with the knowledge that we have to really pray! This can be done by putting aside distractions and thoughts that usually interfere with our day to day prayers from our heart .

2.We acknowledge that only God can Meet our Needs.

As simple as this is, after setting out to pray, it’s possible to still doubt God. You might be thinking at the time of praying, will God really heal me? Is he able? Now, such inability to trust God to supply your needs has to be put to bed or a full stop.

3. We  Believe that God is Not just our Father, but our All-powerful King.

Interesting it is to have a God who has all the Powers you can ever think of. During prayers, help yourself by raising up this consciousness on your heart-this can go a long way in helping your spirit to truly connect to God.

4. We must always thank God whether we have received His blessings or we are still awaiting.

Giving thanks should normally come first in this kind of instance;and you will agree with me that in every situation of life you find yourself, there are reasons for you to still thank God. God loves men that thank Him. This can spur God into showering you with immense blessings. Therefore in your prayers eachday, set out precious time to show your heart of gratitude unto God for all he’s been doing for you.

5.Be Anxious Of Nothing.

At times, prayers bore out of desperation, it could be as a result of an emergency;but getting anxious during prayers can itself be a stumbling-stone for your prayers. ‘Worry solves nothing’. When God sees a heart that worries during prayers, He’s looking a heart that is not totally committing it’s all to him at the time of prayer. So God requires that you pray unto him with all Confidence.


Your Host.



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