9 things I bet you don’t know about Chimamanda Adichie



1. She hates the word “MRS”
    Tho she once described marriage as a”dangerous” institution for women, she is married to Dr. Ivara Eseye, a doctor based in Maryland, United States and still is not in good terms with the title, mrs. In an interview with Naij, she said:
     “Addressing me as Mrs Chimamanda, i dont like this at all. So, my name is Chimamanda Adichie, full stop.

2. Chinua Achebe is her inspirator

3. Grew up in a house once owned by Achebe

4.  Celebrities are in love with her.
The diva Beyonce and Super star Will Smith are head over heels in love with that writer

5. Her heroes are ordinary women
  During an interview with Vogue Magazine, she was asked if she considers herself as a feminist heroine and her reply was shocking  .
” The real heroes are the nameless women in…

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