I  love freedom,just like lots of people, I really do. From recent news,
some of our igbo brothers are gathering in mammoth numbers ready for a ‘part away’ with
Nigeria. I understand these people-especially the
poor ones;who will be pushed to the war fronts to
face death. They want more rewards for what
rightly belongs to them-‘the golden Crude Oil’.
But if you’re going to part ways with Nigeria,
come think of this: Who manage the finance and affairs  of the
crude oil, when the acclaimed Biafra stands? aren’t they  the same
corrupt leaders we still have up on our sleeves ?,
Do the elements ‘corruption’ and ‘stealing’ reverse
their gears after successfully  getting the freedom?. When the war gets intense who waits on the  battle field, the poor or the rich? Alot beg for questions..

Remember, any problem whose root has not been
dealt with, even when partially solved, will erupt
again- in a more cruel manner.

The solution to our national crisis remains to
stick together as one Nation Nigeria (brought
together by sweat, blood and lives of our Heroes
past), and fight the Menace corruption and
impunity from amidst us, with all are might. And
lastly, we must go back to our Creator-He
knows the beginning from the end.

Olayemi Olumurewa J.


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