The Devil Is Rich And Clean.

I often heard and believed the Devil is
the Devil is dark, red-eyed and scary
chasing men and women with a vampire
“he’s a monster”, I really agreed.
But looking at the lives the had
he appeared handsome to many now in Hell,
Devil has deceived men with love of
if he was scary, Saul wouldn’t have
agreed to hate David
If he was Ugly; Samson wouldn’t have
comfort at the lap
of Delilah,
If he was unclean, Esau wouldn’t have
traded his right
for food,
with sweet tongue he’s stolen away many
That pretty lady smiling like a snow
might be a Devil, you ve got to know.
That brother gentle and clean
might be the Devil you gat resist.
I dunno how much of truth are these words;
but I do believe the Devils Rich, Pretty and
To be free from his tricks
be on the Lord’s side,
have faith, Sin Not,
and believe in the power of God.

©Joel Murray


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