How To Cure Pregnancy Fever With Home Remedies

Running a fever can be dangerous during
pregnancy, as
it is paramount to taking good care of your
health as an
expectant mother; but, being too delicate or
conscious is also not good.
If you are pregnant, you should not consider
yourself too
fragile to move around nor bed ridden all the
time unless
in exceptional cases when asked by the
Also if you fall sick, taking home remedies
may save you
some money and a trip to the doctor.
Hence, if you take care of all hygiene factors
pregnancy, you can reduce your risks of
related fever by getting it down as soon as
you can with
the following:
Light diet
The first thing to do when you are down
with fever is to
eat very light diet, totally cut down wheat
and other
complex carbohydrate intake. Also stop non
food if you are into it. Have something like
rice and
lentils boiled together or boiled vegetables
with rice. As
this helps in keeping your stomach light, it
makes you
feel a little high on energy levels and the
feeling of
weakness is very lessened.
Consume lots of warm water
Consume lot of lukewarm water, as it’s very
important to
stay hydrated at these times. Having
sprouts is also a
healthy option as it’s full of nutrition; chop a
little salad
with it like tomatoes and onions and have it
with black
Green tea
Give the patient green tea; it is loaded with
and immunity boosters, which will help in
recovery. Having water with ginger, basil
and black
pepper boiled in it is also one of many age
old home
remedies. While suffering from fever, patients
tend to
develop bitter taste in their mouths; plums
with black
salt really soothes the taste of the mouth.
apples during fever and during pregnancy is
a blessing;
consume it in any form (except direct from
refrigerator). But remember to keep her
away from curd,
cucumber, banana and other cold eateries.
Soak your feet in warm water
Soak your feet in lukewarm water to a little
more than
hot water with rock salt; this is an effective
treatment in
removing impurities from your body, it also
helps in
giving a good sleep.
Also keeping cold water wipes on the
forehead of the
patient, this is by far the most effective and
treatment in fever; especially if your
temperature is quite
– Tunde Oguntola


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