Believe in Yourself

You may not have what others have,but you
have something unique. You may not be
something but that doesnt mean you are
You need to have faith in yourself.
It takes confidence and courage to venture
into new areas of endeavours or invent new
things,and that is faith in yourself provokes.
Bible scholars reveal that Pau the apostle
was a small man in stature,but he never
allowed anybody or any situation to
intimidate him. He had an unusual call upon
his life to take the Gospel to the gentiles
and he did it courageously in spite of all
Have faith in your self. Do not be afraid of
competition if a need arise for it. When you
see your colleagues moving out,you too step
out. There is something inside you that your
society is waiting for. There is a place for
you in the world;go and put your feet there
and in no time,you will take root downward
and begin to spread your branches above all
your colleagues and peers…..
– David Abiola.


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