Be Stupid.

Was watching a young lady on the TV the
other night. She’s quite young, around her
late 20s. She is a medical doctor who specializes as a Flight physician. She started her own company in this regard and together with her team deal with emergency treatment(s) of
patients from aircrafts. Her goal remains to sustain patient’s life from inside the aircraft, into the hospital where such would receive adequate treatment or surgery, as the case may be. And believe me, shes
controlling money and really fulfilled with her dreams.

However, Her dream from the beginning looked
impossible to achieve. She would meet with
discouragements from friends and foes who told her that setting up such a rare Company is practically impossible in a country like hers.
And truly she had not enough capital to start up, but she was strong and always
tried to move closer towards her goal, which is –
delivering health care service to aircraft

Today, she is the owner of a health care
company that has received both national
and international awards. As a young lady, she is an employer to young hardworking medical
doctors and medical professionals. So amazing, I say.

And you know, What really struck me while watching her on TV was when this question was put across to
her: “what do you think helped you to
realize this great dream?”.
She answered, “I think when I started up the
business idea , I was so stupid; I was stupid to
try what others said was impossible to
achieve. Despite the negative words from people, I was stupid to believe in my
dreams and God given abilities, I was stupid
not to give up”, she said.

I think sometimes, when it seems your dreams are getting hard to achieve, you might have to never give up. It might require you to be stupid enough not to give up before you really can get there. Sometimes, what you didn’t suffer for;you may not really appreciate. Your dreams worth chasing. And, they worth Achieving.

Thanks for reading. ❤

Your host,

Olumurewa J.


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