Reason why Test of sexual capability and
before marriage is a recipe for marital crisis.

The avalanche of proponents that have
consistently corroborated the 21st century believe that: women should test their husband-to-be to ensure he is good in bed, is just another one of the many excuses people raise up to encourage traditions and fashions that will further proliferate immorality and further take Sodom into this world,the supporting arguments are all lies
from the pit of hell.
Here are the reasons below:
1. If you are satisfied with him sexually, is he satisfied?
In a lady’s quest to ensure that he marries a sexually active man, are you sure you will/have satisfied
him, then the man has equal right to put an end to that relationship no matter how far it has gone -leading to
lost of time(months and years) and potential suitors that gave up on you when you were in that relationship.

2. The tester may end up being decieved by an hit and run some people can easily fake a non-existent readiness to
marry you and in the end, when the crown of victory has been won for making love with you in your quest
to find
out for sexual compatibiliy, that partner looks for
excuses to say it’s over.
3. At what point will the test be certified tested
I will never encourage anyone to make love on a
date, or even engage in premarital sex, so if this
and perhaps after some dates and a lady/guy that
believe in testing for sexual compatibility engages
in the
testing excercise,when will you finish collecting
to complete your research,how many times, and
long. Won’t be surprised if this same person
engages in
mocking people that are prostitute – what then
are you?
Lets say after some years of testing,you found the
partner not OK,what tells you the next will be?
4. You the tester,may become the tested.
The partner may even be dumped the next day
after she
had a certified OK test with her partner, only for
her to
find out that she didn’t reciprocate same. this
more than once in a lady’s life ,will surely lead to
shattered heart torn in pieces.
5. The partner you certified OK, may even fail the
The most amusing fact is that africans before the
centuryHardly engage in courtship and yet they
grow old
together and die loving each other forever. We
courtship and we are still unsatisfied. Your
partner that
has been superb in bed, may become weak when
you are
married,what happens? Would you cheat to
Sue for divorce? See beyond sex as the only pillar
marriage,so far the man/woman can procreate?
world want to make us believe we can figure
every thing
out all by ourselves,but truly,marriage is a leap of
The test you carried out may even make you a
baby mama after 9 months or worst still you tried
aborting and ended up with a spoilt womb,will
you still
insisit on testing afterwards,because i doubt if
do this test with condoms.
6. The partner may be using some sexual
We can’t deny the existence of sexual
will you do when he stops after marriage. If this
is the
basis for being married to men can go the extra
mile to
deicieve those that have this topmost in their
criteria for
an healthy marriage or relationship.
What would you do afterwards? Be the next
mummy in town when he travels out? I won’t
advice so.
7. Would there be further test to confirm if both
can procreate?
He is good in bed, she is very experienced,bla bla
etc. Is he/she also good in making children?
Would you
get pregnant before going into marriage? This
may be
the next line of excuse for immorality,may be not
now,may be in ten years time.
If marriage is all about sex,then the purpose is
Casual sex is as rampant as the days
go,Marriage should
be also about companionship, friendship, and a
where two people support each others to reach
most cherished heart desires. No matter how it is
painted pre-marital sex as a way of ensuring he/
she will
be good in bed is decietful and mostly counter


– Ayenugba Dickson Oluwatayo


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